Monday, November 8, 2010

LIS 458

I am enrolled in a class called Internet Resources (LIS 458). This is one of my favorite classes. I have learned a lot under Dr. Klingler and have enjoyed every minute. This class is an elective I chose in my pursuit of a degree in Library & Information Science. I am also pursuing a minor in Business Administration. I plan to use these degrees in my career as a public librarian. My goal is to be a director one day.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Wind Beneath My Wings

I'd like to use this post to give a heart-felt "thank you" to the faculty and staff of USM. Their patience, dedication, and passion have inspired me beyond measure.

This semester, I attempted 18 hours in the LIS program. To be completely honest, when I first saw the syllabi for some of these courses, there is only one word to describe the feeling: overwhelmed. However, week to week, I am able to complete assignments and thus far, have achieved more than I ever dreamed I was capable. I'd like to thank my teachers for pushing me beyond the limits I had apparently set for myself. You encourage me to try harder and help me to strive for goals I never thought I would reach. The education you offer is exceptional; I have been able to apply my learnings in my chosen career to provide better service. The confidence you inspire is priceless.

Southern Miss to the Top!

USM offers a great variety of courses and degree programs to serve a diversity of students. In some cases, it is the only university in the state of MS to offer a particular degree. For example, USM is the only university to offer a master's degree in library science. It is also a leader is providing quality education in other fields, such as polymer science.

USM offers a variety of different groups or organizations. There is never a reason for a student to feel that he/she doesn't belong with so much to get involved in.

USM is a great school to attend whether you're just starting out on your chosen career path or returning for further education.

Going the distance

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Have you ever dreamed of returning to school, yet found that you just don't have the time? Then USM's distance learning program may be just for you!

USM has an excellent distance learning program. They offer a variety of degrees where most, if not all, of the classes are offered strictly in on-line classroom settings. Some programs, such as the MLIS degree, is offered fully online. That means never having to drive to campus! This is an ideal situation for those who have families to provide for, a full-time job, or just can't afford a commute. I love that USM offers such extensive education options in this rushed society we live in.

The sky is the limit when you soar as an eagle!

Golden silence
Not all students are the same. The Cook Library prepares for this by offering a variety of great services. In addition to the multitude of items in their collection, they also offer an interlibrary loan system to locate materials not found in their stacks.

The Cook Library understands that different students learn through different methods. That's why they have places set up for group study or individual study. However, they also provide a service that I find incomparable to any other: silent study. The fifth floor of the Cook Library is designated as a no-talking area. This provides a quiet place for those who need to get away from the chaos of every-day life and focus on their studies. I am a frequent guest of the fifth floor and can't thank the Cook Library enough for offering this service for those like me who just need some alone time to prepare.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How it feels to soar
As a transfer student, I have experienced several emotions all at once. There is the excitement of a new adventure, the fear of the unknown, and the apprehension of "can I really do this".

I have to say, though, I have been very impressed with my experience thus far. From the first day forward, everyone I've encountered on campus has been nothing but friendly and helpful. The faculty and staff go out of their way to make sure you are receiving the education necessary to make it in the "real world" and are prepared to answer any and all questions to get you where you need to go. I am always greeted with smiles or hellos as I walk across campus. My classes are very challenging, but I can't even describe the feeling of satisfaction and confidence that comes from rising to meet them.

USM has been a wonderful fit for me. I can't imagine choosing a better school. I look forward to becoming even more involved in the future.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The de Grummond Children's Literature Collection
Lena de Grummond founded the DeGrummond Children’s Literature Collection. Ms. de Grummond taught children’s literature at the University of Southern Mississippi. She began writing to creators’ of children’s books in an effort to broaden the classroom experience beyond textbooks alone. Her diligence led to the receipt of several manuscripts, illustrations, and other materials included in the publication process. (Jones, 1999)

Today, there are thousands of books in the collection. They range from historical to contemporary and provide a wide assortment. There are also periodicals dating as far back as 1788, continuing to the present.

H. A. and Margaret Rey, authors of Curious George, were among the first authors to contribute their works to the collection. There is a complete set of Curious George books in the collection, as well as some original sketches and drawings.

The de Grummond collection is housed in the USM McCain library. There is also an exhibit room in the Cook Library.

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