Saturday, August 28, 2010

The de Grummond Children's Literature Collection
Lena de Grummond founded the DeGrummond Children’s Literature Collection. Ms. de Grummond taught children’s literature at the University of Southern Mississippi. She began writing to creators’ of children’s books in an effort to broaden the classroom experience beyond textbooks alone. Her diligence led to the receipt of several manuscripts, illustrations, and other materials included in the publication process. (Jones, 1999)

Today, there are thousands of books in the collection. They range from historical to contemporary and provide a wide assortment. There are also periodicals dating as far back as 1788, continuing to the present.

H. A. and Margaret Rey, authors of Curious George, were among the first authors to contribute their works to the collection. There is a complete set of Curious George books in the collection, as well as some original sketches and drawings.

The de Grummond collection is housed in the USM McCain library. There is also an exhibit room in the Cook Library.

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